How to Submit…

Below is the form to submit your review of your city to be included on the website. There are several different categories and you may want to look over a former posting to see what the formula is. Here are summaries of the topics:

  • Name: Should be self explanatory
  • City Location: Where your location is, city, province/state, country.
  • Email: How to contact you.
  • Overview/Culture Index: What should we know about the city? How big is it? What makes it unique?
  • Cafes: Coffee culture is huge, where do people go, what’s good?
  • Restaurant Hang Outs and Good Food: Places where people hang out with good food, go for just a good meal, or great places for a snack, we’re not talking top-ten food here, what’s the real local place?
  • Arts and Music: Where can I go for some culture? Where can I get great music that I can’t necessarily find in another city?
  • Bars: Where do you find yourself on the weekend? Or after work?
  • Everything Else and Honorable Mentions: Need to know places, where do I get a bike fix? Where’s the best park? The uncategorized special spots.

Please send photos to accompany your submission to: cityarbiter(at)gmail(dot)com . Please replace (at) with @, and (dot) with a period. This is to avoid automatic linking. Submissions must include at least one photo per section, wide-frame high saturation photos are preferred. Any further image editing to your selection will be communicated.


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